Dr. Juan Loor

  • Dr. Juan Loor

2020 SWNC Speaker

Dr. Juan Loor earned a BS degree from the University of California (Davis) and M.Sc. and PhD degrees from Virginia Tech. He was post-doct at INRA (Clermont-Ferrand) and University of Illinois (Urbana) between 2001-2005 before joining the faculty at Illinois in 2005, where he is currently Professor of Animal Sciences and Nutritional Sciences. Dr. Loor has developed an internationally-recognized program in nutritional physiology of dairy cattle. His research focuses on the regulation of tissue and immune function in the periparturient and neonatal periods with a focus on amino acid, methyl donor, and trace mineral nutrition. A central goal of his research program is to uncover regulatory mechanisms induced by nutritional management through the integration of molecular, physiologic, and performance data.