• Golf Tournament & Ration Balancing Session
    Wednesday February 5th
    8:30 am - Lunch to Follow
    Crown Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Course
    The 2020 Golf Tournament will be held at Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort, located at: 1 N. San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ. This is a fun event not to be missed and a great way to "kick off" the following 2 day conference.

    8:30 am Golf Tournament – Shotgun start, lunch to follow

    5-7:00 pm Welcome Reception/Registration | Desk open | Golf awards presentation @ Ballroom
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Ration Balancing Software Program

    2:00-3:00 General Session
    NDS is the acronym of Nutritional Dynamic System, and it is a computer platform designed to support field nutritionists, helping them with nutrition management and "on-site" decision making. This platform is not a simple duplication of what Cornell has developed, nor is it only "based" on the 6.55 system, but it is an "official" CNCPS platform. In a one hour demonstration the day to day use of NDS can be seen along with some in depth features and new items that are tools to use with farms, and business alike to serve the customers.

    Newton Formulation Software
    •Overview of the web-based software functionality and accessibility from multiple devices •Novel NIR calibrations for forages that eliminates template selection •Integration of rumen modifiers into the least cost formulation model

    •Brief Dalex company introduction, overview and update •Key features and benefits of the current software offering •New products and future developments •Procedures for updating our commercial product library for industry vendors •Open discussion/Q&A session with further software demonstrations

    AMTS will be presenting new features their programs including tips, tricks, and time for Q &A. Lynn Gilbert, will be talking about the integrated partners and how they can be used with the core product AMTS.Cattle.Professional and revealing a new project to enhance the user experience with the AMTS suite of programs.

    3:00-4:00 Break out session #1 (your choice)

    4:00-5:00 Break out session #2 (your choice)

  • Day One
    February 6th
    8:00am - 12:00pm
    Zinpro Pre-Conference Symposium
    7:30 am Registration Desk Opens. Sponsor – Zinpro.

    8:00 am "Introduction and Welcome"


    8:20 am "Gut Health: What's It Mean and What Dictates It"
    Dr. Adam Moeser
    Michigan State University

    9:10 am "Rumen Function and Gut Health"
    Dr. Gregg Penner
    University of Saskatchewan

    10:00 am "Rumen research: Applying insights from animal models"
    Dr. Kevin Havertine
    Pennsylvania State University

    11:00 am "Rumen Function and Fiber Digestibility"
    Dr. Mashito Oba
    University of Alberta

    12:00 pm Adjourn.
    1:30pm - 7:00pm
    1:30 pm "Realistic Expectations of Understanding of the Rumen Microbiome. Will it Really Change How We Feed Cows?"
    Dr. Todd Calloway
    University of Georgia

    2:10 pm "Understanding the regulation of milk fat synthesis: Can milk fatty acid profiles be useful for diagnosing nutrition problems? "
    Dr. Adam Lock
    Associate Professor
    Michigan State University

    2:50 pm Break/refreshments.

    3:20 pm "Rumen Acidosis vs. Large Intestine Acidosis. Is one more important than the other?"
    Dr. Tanya Gressler
    Associate Professor
    University of Delaware

    4:10 pm "Practical Ways of Increasing and Trouble Shooting Milk Protein"
    Dr. Charlie Sniffen
    Fencrest, LLC

    5-7:00 pm Wine & Cheese Reception sponsored by Zinpro
  • Day Two
    February 7th
    8:00am - 12:00pm
    Conference Day 2
    8:00 am "Methionine and Choline Metabolism"
    Dr. Thomas Overton
    Cornell University

    8:40 am "Challenges and Benefits of Robot Milkers on a 2200 Cow Dairy"
    Brian Houin
    Homestead Dairy

    9:20 am "Common Beliefs about Feeding Fat to Dairy Cows: How True are they?" Dr. Lou Armentano
    Emeritus Professor
    University of Wisconsin

    10:00 am Breaks and Refreshments

    10:40 am "Nutritional Challenges of Feeding a Robot Dairy"
    Dr. Greg Penner
    University of Saskatchewan

    11:20 am "The Breakpoint of Heat Stress on Feed Intake and Water Consumption"
    Dr. Bob Collier
    Emeritus Professor
    University of Arizona

    12:00 pm Conference concludes.