• Golf Tournament
    Wednesday February 15th
    8:30 am - Lunch to Follow
    Karsten Golf Course
    The 2017 Golf Tournament will be held at Karsten Golf Course, located at: 1125 East Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ. This is a fun event not to be missed and a great way to "kick off" the following 2 day conference.

    8:30 am Golf Tournament – Shotgun start, lunch to follow

    5-7:00 pm Welcome Reception/Registration | Desk open | Golf awards presentation
  • Day One
    February 16th
    8:00am - 12:00pm
    ELANCO Pre-Conference Symposium
    7:30 am Registration Desk Opens. Sponsor – ELANCO Corporation.

    8:00 am "Fresh cow negative energy balance: Key measures to improve decision making."
    Dr. Jessica McArt, DVM Assistant Professor Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Cornell University

    8:55 am "Utilizing on farm records to understand the true cost of fresh cow disease."
    Dr. Michael Overton, DVM, MPVM Associate Advisor, Dairy Analytics Elanco Knowledge Solutions

    9:50 am Break.

    10:10 am "Calcium nutrition and metabolism for optimized fresh cow performance."
    Dr. Jessica McArt, DVM Assistant Professor Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Cornell University

    11:05 am "Driving dairy profitability: Economics of decision making."
    Dr. Kevin Dhuyvetter Senior Technical Consultant, US Dairy Business Unit

    12:00 pm Adjourn.
    1:30pm - 7:00pm
    1:30 pm "China's Influence on Economics of American Animal Agriculture"
    Dr. Dermot Hays
    Iowa State University

    2:10 pm "Sub-Acute Ruminal Acids in Dairy Cattle: Practical Problems or Urban Myth?"
    Dr. Greg Penner
    Associate Professor
    University of Saskatchewan

    2:50 pm Break/refreshments.

    3:20 pm "Prevalence, Impacts, and Mitigation of Hypocalcemia"
    Dr. Stephen LeBlanc
    University of Guelph

    4:10 pm "Shopping in the Toy Store- A producer's approach to new technology decisions"
    Dr. Don Niles
    Dairy Dreams, LLC

    5-7:00 pm Wine & Cheese Reception
  • Day Two
    February 17th
    8:00am - 12:00pm
    Conference Day 2
    8:00 am "HOT in AZ: Practical Application of Hepatic Oxidation Theory"
    Dr. Mike Allen
    Michigan State University

    8:40 am "Up to Date Recommendations for Vitamins and Minerals for Dairy Cows"
    Dr. Bill Weiss
    Professor and Extension Specialist
    The Ohio State University

    9:20 am Break/refreshments.

    10:00 am "Heat Stress Near the Time of Conception Affects Daughter Milk Production and Composition"
    Dr. Michelle Rhoads
    Assistant Professor
    VirginiaTech University

    10:40 am "How Heat Stress During the Dry Period Reduces Milk Yield in the Next Lactation"
    Dr. Bob Collier
    University of Arizona

    11:20 am"Low Summer Milk Fat: Is it the same as Diet-Induced Milk Fat Depression?"
    Dr. Lance Baumgard
    Iowa State University

    12:00 pm Conference concludes.